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Career Counselling

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Career and Employment Services advisors aim to meet your job search, career planning, career exploration research, and scholarship application needs. Career advisors offer assistance creating your perfect résumé, cover letter, interview and job search strategies. Advisors can assist you in choosing your career path or major program of study through research and introductory assessment tools.

Career counseling and exploration are crucial services provided by Career counselors can help you assess your skills, interests, and values; identify barriers to decision-making and goals; explore career transition issues; and help integrate your career goals into your “life” planning process.

The Career Services offers a broad range of career services that empower students to explore, define, and realize their career goals. Our Career Counseling is a student-centered support service: we offer one-on-one counseling appointments, consultations throughout the career planning process, and assistance with goal-setting and goal achievement through a variety of career exploration activities. Our goal is to provide lifetime tools and skills for professional development, job search success, and career satisfaction.

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