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Departments :: Science

The objective of Science & Technology Department is promoting new areas of Science & Technology and to play the role of a nodal department for organising, coordinating and promoting S & T activities in the country. The Department has major responsibilities for specific projects and programmes as listed below:

  • Formulation of policies relating to Science and Technology.
  • Coordination and integration of areas of Science & Technology having cross-sectoral linkages in which a number of institutions and departments have interest and capabilities.
  • Undertaking or financially sponsoring scientific and technological surveys, research design and development, where necessary.
  • Support and Grants-in-aid to Scientific Research Institutions, Scientific Associations and Bodies.
  • Matters commonly affecting Scientific and technological departments/organisations/ institutions e.g. financial, personnel, purchase and import policies and practices.
  • Management Information Systems for Science and Technology and coordination thereof.
  • Matters regarding Inter-Agency/Inter-Departmental coordination for evolving science and technology missions.
  • All other measures needed for the promotion of science and technology and their application to the development and security of the nation.
  • Matters relating to institutional Science and Technology capacity building including setting up of new institutions and institutional infrastructure.
  • Promotion of Science and Technology at the State, District, and Village levels for grass- roots development through State Science and Technology Councils and other mechanisms.

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