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Co-Ordinator ICT Message

About us :: ICT Co-Ordinator Message

Information & Communication Technology has become one  Admerit College Patna Biharof the basic building blocks of modern society. Concept of ICT as the part of core education provides world class curricula that facilitate students centered & laboratory based learning, which is relevant to their lives & relevant keeping in view the present trends in higher education. At the same time, ICT Value to the processes of learning institutions.

ICT is the driving force for much development & innovation worldwide so the UNESCO aims to ensure that all countries have an access to the best educational facilities necessary to prepare young people to play full role in modern society and to contributes in the nation’s building.

Education is a never ending process, ICT skill are the important & essential part of education. Due to the growth of scientific literature, emerging research fronts, interdisciplinary, extra disciplinary research fronts, interdisciplinary, extra disciplinary research programs, ‘Education for life; concepts is more meaningful.

“Knowledge is creativity + righteousness + courage” as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam dreams, ICT fulfill the dreams, ICT fulfill the dreams of mission of life.

We offer this career oriented course approved by UGC to prepare the world class youngster in the challenging & the competitive world.

Dr. Prem Kumari
Department of ICT

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